Throughout the coaching programme, clients are encouraged to reflect, build strategies to sustain behavioural changes and follow through on agreed actions.

Leadership Executive Coaching

Coaching is a focused development approach that offers individuality that business leaders often need, which can accelerate greater awareness and the sustained change they are looking for.

It’s appropriate for a range of development needs including developing more effective relationships, leading more confidently and consistently, increasing self-belief and influencing and having a greater organisational impact.

Tanya’s coaching philosophy very much underpins how she works with her clients.

Throughout the coaching relationship, Tanya is encouraging her clients to reflect and build strategies to sustain this success.

Understanding how to develop healthy trusting relationships sits at the heart of effective leadership

Establishing strong self-belief helps you to remain mentally strong in a highly competitive and often stressful environment

Understanding the environment; how your strengths and skills complement others, how teams work together effectively and with other teams and how the organisation operates in the wider external world, all need to be considered as part of the coaching conversation

Being open to growing at any life or career stage is important for success in an ever-changing world


There are many psychometric profiles that Tanya is accredited to use given her Occupational psychology background and many that she uses frequently because clients find them hugely insightful. These include the PROPHET profile and The Hogan Assessments, tools to measure Emotional Intelligence as well as the classic Myers Briggs personality profile. Click on the logos to find out more.

Our clients

Tanya has worked with clients who come from many different industries including the Finance, Retail, Health, Leisure, Travel, Advertising, Marketing, Media, Housing, Construction, TELCO and Technology. Below are just a few of the companies we have worked with.

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"I have worked with Tanya since 2004 which for me is testament of the quality and value that she brings.  Over the years she has partnered with the business and her insight and understanding of our culture added to her expertise and experience brings fast effective and lasting results."

Dave Wareham, General Manager EMEA - Open Text Corporation