Echelons is an Executive Leadership Coaching company 

Working with business leaders since 2001 to enable them to lead more effectively and authentically in today’s challenging organisational environments.

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Tanya Yazdanpanahi has been working with senior leaders and their teams as a Leadership and Executive Coach since 2001.

Tanya mainly now works at the Senior and Executive leadership levels challenging and supporting them to develop greater self-awareness.

She is accredited with a number of processional bodies.

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Coaching is a focused development approach that is appropriate for a range of development needs. Our philosophy very much underpins how we work with clients.

There are many psychometric profiles that Tanya is accredited to use.

These profiles can add additional insights to the coaching conversation.

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We have worked with clients who come from many different industries including the Finance, Retail, Health, Leisure, Travel, Advertising, Marketing, Media, Housing, Construction, TELCO and Technology.

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